Radiation Gloves
Caution: Radiation reducing gloves are not intended for use in the direct or primary x-ray beam. The purpose of these products is to protect the hands from scattered secondary radiation exposure originating from the x-ray beam during flouroscopic procedures.

ProguardTM radiation reducing gloves

 ProguardTM radiation reducing gloves

Ideal for Radiology, Cardiology, EP, Orthopaedic Surgery, Urology, Endoscopy, Pain Management, and Veterinary medecine.

The product was developed with the physicians needs in mind - it provides the ideal combination of radiation reduction, flexibility, comfort and sensitivity.

Available in three thicknesses, the ProGuard™ radiation reducing glove provides higher attenuation value than any other glove of comparable thickness.

The RR1, RR2 and RR3 glove offer unparalleled characteristics.

  •   Thinner fingers for maximum tactile sensitivity.

  •   Soft-Touch™ finish creates a smooth interior reducing skin irritation 

      and improved tactile sensitivity.

  •   Extended sizing range in half sizes for unequalled comfort and fit.

  •   Anatomically correct curved fingers reduce hand fatigue.

  •   Powder free. 

Style attenuation properties:

 Attenuation 60KVP 80KVP 100KVP 120KVP Thickness
RR1 45% 35% 26% 23% 0.22mm
RR2 55% 43% 35% 31% 0.30mm
RR3 81% 69% 62% 59% 0.60mm

Supplied in boxes of 5.

Radiaxon radiation gloves - Lead free

Available in sizes 6.5 to 9.0 in half sizes the Radiaxon lead free glove is an optimal combination of high attenuation and tactile sensitivity. Lead free and non toxic. Environmentally friendly and disposable. Powder free natural rubber latex.

Main applications:

  •   Diagnostic heart catheterizations.
  •   Coronary angioplastics.
  •   Angiocardiography.
  •   Gynaecology.
  •   Urology.
  •   Orthopaedics.
  •   Examination procedures using fluoroscopy.
  •   Pain Management.
  •   Electrophysiologic (EP) Studies.

Thickness at fingertips: min 0.30mm
Length: Min 290mm
Tensile strength (MPa): min 14 (unaged)
These figures are typical performance guidelines and should not be used for actual specifications.


Beam energy level Skin dose reduction
60KVP 59%
80KVP 49%
100KVP 42%


Test methodology for attenuation measurements according to EN 61331-1 at nominal thickness of 0.3mm.  Lead equivalence value: 0.03-0.04mm Pb.

Supplied in boxes of 5.

Radiaxon radiation gloves - Lead free
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